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Characteristics And Application Areas of Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

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Characteristics and application areas of piezoelectric pressure sensors

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Piezoelectric pressure sensor is a use of piezoelectric material piezoelectric effect will be measured pressure is converted to an electrical signal of a sensor, it is a very wide range of applications, in a number of fields have very important applications. How much do you know about the knowledge of piezoelectric pressure sensors, today I will introduce the very important characteristics of piezoelectric pressure sensors and application areas. Pressure transmitter is a kind of pressure sensor to output a standard signal.

In the installation and use of pressure transmitters should be read in detail before the product samples and instruction manuals, the installation of the pressure interface can not be leaked, to ensure that the range and wiring is correct. Pressure sensors and transmitters generally need to be grounded shell, signal cable shall not be mixed with power cable laying, sensors and transmitters should be avoided around the strong electromagnetic interference. Sensors and transmitters in use should be in accordance with industry regulations for periodic calibration.

1, before installation, carefully read the product specification, accurate wiring, pay attention to the product shall not occur wiring errors.

2, the transmitter should be installed in the air, dry, non-corrosive, cool and small temperature changes. Such as open-air installation should be added protective cover, to avoid direct sunlight and rain, in order to avoid product function degradation or malfunction.

3, it is strictly prohibited to drop, impact, disassembly, strong clamping or use sharp utensils to poke the lead pressure hole or metal membrane.

4, pay attention to the protection of the product lead cable, cable joints must be sealed, so as not to enter the water or moisture affects the function and life of the whole machine, after the transmission terminal leads to ensure that the atmosphere and a good conduction.

5, the installation should be loaded between the transmitter and the media pressure shut-off valve, in order to check and prevent the pressure port blockage and affect the measurement accuracy, in the pressure fluctuation range of occasions should also be equipped with pressure buffer device.

6, measurement of steam or other high temperature media, pay attention to not make the transmitter operating temperature over the limit, if necessary, plus pressure pipe or other cooling devices connected.

7, in the measurement of liquid media, in the pressurized before the use of cut-off valve must be used to exhaust the air in the pipeline, to prevent the compressed air generated by the high pressure lead sensor overload.

8, prohibit overload, overload caused by overload indicators of sensitive membrane damage is not in the scope of the three packages.

9, explosion-proof transmitter used in hazardous locations, the transmitter shell cover must be tightened, in order to ensure the use of safety, should strictly comply with safety regulations, do not promise to open the transmitter shell cover when the power.

10, intrinsically safe transmitter must be equipped with safety grids to be used in hazardous places with explosive mixtures.

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