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Characteristics And Components of Dynamic Pressure Sensors

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Characteristics and Components of Dynamic Pressure Sensors

In the history of dynamic pressure sensor application development, the introduction of intelligence is a revolutionary subversion of the traditional sensing technology. Of course, the intelligence of intelligent dynamic pressure sensors refers to the production of multiple sensitive devices with the same or different functions on the same chip to form a sensor array, which has three main meanings.

The integrated fabrication of multiple functionally identical sensitive units on the same chip is used to measure information about the spatial distribution of measurements, e.g., dynamic pressure sensor arrays or well-known charge-coupled devices.

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Secondly, integrating multiple sensitive units with the same structure and similar functions, for example, integrating different gas sensing units to form an "electronic nose", utilizing the cross-sensitivity effect of various sensitive units on different gases, and adopting advanced data processing technologies such as neural network pattern recognition, it can simultaneously monitor the various components of the mixed gases, and obtain the information on the composition of the mixed gases, and at the same time improve the measurement accuracy of the gas sensors. The composition of the gas mixture information, while improving the measurement accuracy of the gas sensor; another case of integration in this sense is the integration of different ranges of sensor elements, according to the size of the measurement to be switched between each sensor element, thus ensuring the measurement accuracy and expanding the measurement range of the dynamic pressure sensor.

Of course, the simpler intelligent dynamic pressure sensors are mainly composed of a sensor, a microprocessor and associated circuitry. Dynamic pressure sensors can not only calculate, store and process the measurement data of the sensor, but also adjust the sensor through the feedback loop. As the computer gives full play to the functions of various software, it can accomplish tasks that are difficult to accomplish with hardware, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of sensor manufacturing, improving the performance of the sensor and reducing costs. The sensor will be measured physical quantities into the corresponding electrical signals, sent to the signal conditioning circuit, after filtering, amplification, analog-to-digital conversion, sent to the microcomputer.

If divided structurally, smart sensors can be divided into integrated, hybrid and modular. Integrated intelligent dynamic pressure sensors are one or more sensitive devices with microprocessors and signal processing circuits integrated on the same silicon chip, with a high degree of integration and small size, but the current state of the art is still difficult to achieve; if the sensors, microprocessors, and signal processing circuits are made on different chips, a hybrid intelligent sensor is formed. Currently, there are many such structures; primary intelligent sensors can also be composed of many independent modules. For example, a microcomputer, a signal conditioning circuit module, a data circuit module, a display circuit module and a sensor are assembled in the same housing structure to form a modular intelligent sensor.

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