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How Does A Vibration Temperature Sensor Perform Reception?

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How does a vibration temperature sensor perform reception?

Vibration Temperature Sensors

The vibration temperature sensor is one of the key components of test technology. Its main function is to receive mechanical quantities and convert them into proportional power. Because vibration temperature sensors are also electromechanical conversion devices, they are sometimes referred to as transducers, vibrators, etc. They are used to measure the vibration of bearing housings in a variety of rotating machinery, such as turbines, compressors, fans, pumps, and so on. Vibration temperature sensor is a small size, good anti-interference, easy to install active sensors, integrated with a speed vibration temperature sensor and a transmitter, directly converted vibration speed (or displacement value) to 4 ~ 20ma. the transmitter can be directly connected to the DCS, PLC, or other systems, it is the choice for vibration measurement of fans, pumps and other plant equipment.

Instead of directly converting the original measured mechanical quantity into electric power, the vibration temperature sensor uses the original measured mechanical quantity as the input quantity of the vibration transmitter, which is then received by the mechanical receiving part to form another mechanical quantity suitable for conversion, and then converted into electric power by the electromechanical conversion part. Therefore, the working performance of the sensor depends on the working performance of the mechanical receiving part and the electromechanical conversion part.

Since mechanical motion is a simple form of material motion, people first thought of measuring vibration by mechanical means, thus producing mechanical vibrometers (such as Geiger vibrometer, etc.). Based on this, the working reception principle of vibration temperature sensor is to fix the instrument on a fixed bracket during the measurement process, so that the contact rod is in the same vibration direction with the object to be measured, and contact with the surface of the object to be measured through the elasticity of the spring. When the object vibrates, the touch rod moves, pushing the recording rod to describe the displacement of the vibrating object on the motion belt, and calculating the size and frequency of the displacement according to the recording curve.

Vibration temperature sensors are important devices for vibration testing in the field. Different types and varieties of sensors have different frequency response ranges which determine their operating range. Improper selection can lead to large measurement errors.

Different vibration temperature sensors have different measuring principles. In a common eddy current sensor system, the probe coil is the core component and the sensitivity of the sensor's vibration measurement. As a precise measurement of metal measurement, the electrical signal processor can be used in different situations and mounting methods, and the probe housing is available in a wide range of models and sizes for customers to choose from. In an electrical speed sensor, there is a fixed magnet that vibrates in synchronization with the object being measured, and a magnetic wire cuts to output a certain potential. In the measurement of the speed sensor, the vibration of the measured object is proportional to the output voltage generated by the sensor potential.


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