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Installation of Vibration Temperature Sensors

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Installation of Vibration Temperature Sensors

Vibration temperature sensors are typically used to measure the vibration of bearings and, in a few cases, shafts. If the vibration temperature sensor is not mounted correctly or securely when measuring the vibration speed, the vibration can cause distortion of the measurement results or damage to the sensor. Therefore, the mounting method of the vibration temperature sensor must be carefully selected.industrial vibration and temperature sensor

When vibration temperature sensors are used to measure vibration on rotating shafts, mounting is usually done in four ways: hand-held in the field, held in place with rubber cement adhesive absorbent magnetic suction cups, and bolted down. Most hand-held sensors are used in temporary vibration measurements. The method is flexible and easy to use, especially in the absence of the number of vibration velocity sensors and sensor interchangeability is not good, has special advantages. The disadvantages are higher testing errors and more intensive work. Piezoelectric sensors and industrial acceleration sensors also require attention.

vibration sensor industrial

Permanent magnet suction cups are more convenient for fixing vibration temperature sensors than the playdough method, and permanent magnet suction cups of φ50 or 50mm * 50mm size can also be manufactured in China at present. Its suction force can be up to 196N. The vibration speed is fixed at less than 500g using this type of suction cup. The vibration temperature sensor is attached to the horizontal surface and can measure vibration of 1000μm. The disadvantage is that the surface of the Universal Unit Bearing Housing is coated with dirt or paint, which causes the suction force of the suction cup to decrease. Therefore, when the suction cup is attached to a vertical plane and the amplitude is high, handrails are needed to help avoid dislodging and breaking the vibration temperature sensor.

The vibration temperature sensor is bolted directly to the bearing, which can not only reliably measure the vibration in three directions on the top of the bearing seat, but also measure the vibration in two directions on the vertical plane, and this installation method is firm.

In short, the installation of vibration temperature sensors should be based on the needs of the measurement, and according to different working environments to choose the appropriate sensor to ensure the smooth running of the measurement and reduce the measurement and testing errors. The installation of mining vibration sensors and general acceleration sensors should also make the correct method.

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