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Introduction to General Purpose Accelerometers

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Introduction to General Purpose Accelerometers

A general purpose accelerometer is a sensor that can measure acceleration. It usually consists of a mass, a damper, an elastic element, a sensitive element and an adaptive circuit. During acceleration, the universal acceleration sensor obtains the acceleration value by measuring the inertial force on the mass block and utilizing Newton's second law. Depending on the sensitive element of the sensor, common acceleration sensors are capacitive, inductive, strain, piezoresistive and piezoelectric.

Piezoelectric: Piezoelectric accelerometer is also known as piezoelectric accelerometer. It also belongs to inertial sensors. The principle of piezoelectric accelerometer is to utilize the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics or stress crystals. When the accelerometer vibrates, the force applied to the piezoelectric element by the mass of the universal accelerometer sensor changes. When the measured vibration frequency is much lower than the intrinsic frequency of the accelerometer, the change in force is proportional to the measured acceleration.


Piezoresistive: Piezoresistive accelerometers are based on the world's leading MEMS silicon micromachining technology, featuring small size, low power consumption and easy integration in various analog and digital circuits, and are widely used in automotive collision experiments, test instruments, equipment vibration monitoring and other fields.

Capacitive: Capacitive accelerometers are capacitive sensors based on the principle of capacitance. Capacitive accelerometers/capacitive accelerometers are general purpose acceleration sensors. There are some areas where there are no alternatives, such as airbags, cell phones, and mobile devices. Capacitive accelerometers/capacitive accelerometers utilize microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology, which becomes economical in mass production, thus ensuring lower costs.

Servo type: The servo universal accelerometer is a closed-loop test system characterized by good dynamic performance, large dynamic range and good linearity. Its working principle, the general acceleration sensor vibration system consists of "m-k" system, which is the same as the general accelerometer, but the mass M is connected with an electromagnetic coil. When an acceleration is input on the base, the mass is deflected from its equilibrium position. The displacement is detected by a displacement sensor, amplified by a servo amplifier and converted to a current output. The current flows through the electromagnetic coil and creates an electromagnetic restoring force in the magnetic field of the permanent magnets, which attempts to maintain the mass in its original equilibrium position in the instrument housing.

Servo acceleration measurement technology is widely used in inertial navigation and inertial guidance systems as well as high-precision vibration measurement and calibration due to its feedback effect, which enhances the anti-interference ability, improves the measurement accuracy and expands the measurement range. By measuring the acceleration caused by gravity, the tilt angle of the device relative to the horizontal plane can be calculated. By analyzing the dynamic acceleration, you can analyze how the equipment moves. But at first, you'll realize that measuring tilt angle and acceleration with light doesn't seem very useful. However, engineers have come up with many ways to get more useful information.

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