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Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature Vibration Sensor GWZ100/20

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Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature Vibration Sensor GWZ100/20

Instructions for use of the product

1. Product Overview

1.1 Product Features

GWZ100/20 Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature and Vibration Sensor (hereinafter referred to as the sensor) is suitable for use in series or parallel with the intrinsically safe system circuit in underground coal mines, and it can also be applied to non-explosive environments on the ground such as iron and steel mills, cement factories, power plants, harbors and ports, etc., to measure the vibration of rotating machinery and other equipment. This product is designed and manufactured according to "GWZ100/20 Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature and Vibration Sensor", Enterprise Standard No. Q/YZXY31MA-2022.

1.2 Scope of application and safety warnings

This sensor is suitable for underground coal mines, open-pit coal mines, coal processing plants and other workplaces where there is a risk of gas and coal dust explosion.

This product is used for continuous monitoring of the operating status of large-scale equipment, and it is not suitable for assessment of response time.

1.3 Description of models


1.4 Explosion-proof type and explosion-proof marking

Explosion-proof type: Intrinsically safe for mining, explosion-proof marking is "Ex ib I Mb".

2. Environmental conditions

2.1 The sensor shall be capable of operating normally in the following environments:

a)Ambient temperature: 0℃~+40℃;

b)Average relative humidity: not more than 95% (+25℃);

c)Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa;

d)No significant vibration and shock occasions;

e)Underground coal mine with methane and coal dust explosive mixture, but no corrosive gas to destroy the insulation of the occasion;

2.2 The worst storage and transportation conditions to which the sensor can be subjected are:

a) High temperature: +60°C;

b)Low temperature: -40℃;

c)Average relative humidity: 95% (+25℃);

d)Vibration: 50m/s2

e)Shock: 500m/s2

3. External dimensions and weight

a) External dimensions:53mm x 22mm x 25mm;

b) Weight: about 110g (without wire);

c) Material: 304 stainless steel;


4.Main technical indicators

4.1 Power supply

1st circuit (vibration):

a) Rated operating voltage: DC18V;

b) Operating voltage range: (12~25)V DC;

c) Operating current: ≤25mA.

2nd circuit (temperature):

d) Rated operating voltage: DC18V;

e) Operating voltage range: (12 to 25)V DC;

f) Operating current: ≤25mA.

4.2 Measurement range

 4.2.1 Vibration measurement range

a) Vibration velocity measurement range: (0~20)mm/s;

b) Vibration frequency range: (20 to 1000) Hz.

 4.2.2 Temperature measurement range: (0 to 100)°C

4.3 Fundamental errors

Vibration error: ±10%FS

Temperature error: ±2.5%FS

4.4 Output signals

Vibration output: (4~20) mA

Temperature output: (4~20) mA

4.5 Basic Functions: 

The sensor is capable of collecting vibration speed signal and temperature signal and converting them into two-wire current signal for transmission respectively.

4.6 Intrinsically safe parameters: 

Ui: 19V, Ii: 425mA, Ci: 0μF, Li: 0μH. (2 inputs)

5. Installation and adjustment

5.1 Installation

GWZ100/20 Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature Vibration Sensor should be installed by technicians on site, should try to GWZ100/20 Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature Vibration Sensor be installed in a place that is easy to maintain and inspect. GWZ100/20 Mining Intrinsically Safe Temperature and Vibration Sensor should be installed in a place where it is easy to be maintained and inspected as far as possible.

5.2 Adjustments

This product has been adjusted before leaving the factory and no further adjustment is necessary.

6. Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon Cause analysis Methods of elimination Note
Output not normal a) Checking the wiring a) On-site analysis and troubleshooting ---
b) Hardware failure b) Sent to factory for repair ---

7. Maintenance, upkeep

a) Wipe off the dust on the sensor with clean cotton gauze frequently to keep it clean.

b) When the sensor is not working properly, check the connecting wires for poor contact.

c) If there is a problem, replace the faulty functional part.

d) When repairing, the meter housing and soldering iron must be grounded to avoid induced voltage and static damage to other components.

e) After repair, affecting the insulation of the original equipment, in the repair area, apply two coats of insulating varnish to ensure insulation.

f) Replacement of components during repair must not change the model specifications, voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters of the components in the original circuit.

8. Safety warnings

It is strictly prohibited to change the circuit and circuit-related component specifications, models and parameters during use and maintenance.

Do not mate with equipment that has not been subjected to explosion-proof joint inspection.

9. Transportation

Packaged sensors in the conditions to avoid direct rain and snow, can be applied to water transport, land transport and air transport and other modes of transportation.


Packaged sensors should be able to be stored at a temperature of -10 ℃ to +40 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 90% of the environment for 12 months.


1. All related equipments shall be examined and inspected for explosion-proof association, and can be accessed only after obtaining the certificate of qualified examination and inspection for explosion-proof association.

2. Shall not change the intrinsically safe circuit and the intrinsically safe circuit related electrical parameters and intrinsically safe structure, shall not change the specifications of electrical components,


3. Intrinsically safe products shall not be connected with other mating equipment without joint inspection.

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