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Negative Pressure Water Supply System Is How To Use Dynamic Pressure Sensor

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Negative Pressure Water Supply System Is How To Use Dynamic Pressure Sensor

Dynamic pressure sensor negative pressure water supply system detects the pressure change of the water supply pipe network when the water consumption changes, and continuously transmits the changed signal to the microcomputer through the dynamic pressure sensor or pressure switch with good sensitivity installed on the water supply pipe network. According to different working conditions, dynamic control of the amount of compensation, to achieve dynamic pressure balance, to ensure that the pressure of the water supply network is constant, to meet the user's water needs. When the municipal pipeline tap water enters the regulating pool at a certain pressure, the air in the pressure regulating and compensating pool is discharged through the vacuum eliminator, and when the water is full, the vacuum eliminator is automatically closed. When the tap water can meet the water pressure and water quan

tity requirements, the water supply equipment through the bypass check valve directly to the water pipeline network water supply; when the pressure of the water pipeline network can not meet the demand for water, the system will be through the dynamic pressure sensors, or pressure switches and electric contact pressure gauge to give the pump to start the signal to start the pump operationindustrial preesure sensor

In addition, when the pump water supply, if the amount of water in the water pipe network is greater than the pump flow, the system will maintain a normal water supply; when the amount of water in the water supply pipe network is less than the pump flow during periods of high demand, the water in the regulating pool can still be a normal water supply as a supplemental water source. At this time the air through the vacuum eliminator into the regulating pool, eliminating the negative pressure in the water pipe network. If the water level in the regulating pool continues to fall due to insufficient supply of tap water or water cut-off in the pipeline network, the level controller will issue a signal to stop the pump to protect the pump unit.

So how do you deal with dynamic pressure sensor noise?

There is noise when using the dynamic pressure sensor. What is the cause of the noise? Only by figuring out the cause of the noise can you effectively solve the noise problem!

1. The low-frequency noise of dynamic pressure sensors is mainly caused by the discontinuity of internal conductive particles. Especially for carbon film resistors, there are many tiny particles in its carbonaceous material, and the particles are discontinuous. When the current expires, the conductivity of the resistor will change, the current will also change, resulting in a flash arc similar to poor contact.

2. For scattered particle noise generated by semiconductor devices, changes in the voltage in the barrier region at the ends of the semiconductor PN junction result in a change in the amount of charge accumulated in the region, thus exhibiting a capacitive effect. When the DC voltage is lowered, it moves electrons and holes away from the depletion region, which is equivalent to a capacitor discharge.

3. When a reverse voltage is applied, the depletion region changes in the reverse direction. When current flows through the barrier region, this change causes the current flowing through the barrier region to fluctuate slightly, resulting in current noise. Generally, if electromagnetic components on the dynamic pressure sensor circuit board cause interference, many circuit boards have electromagnetic components such as relays and coils. When the current smoothing period expires, the inductance of the coil and the distributed capacitance of the case radiate energy to the neighborhood, and the energy interferes with nearby circuits.

4. Relays and other components repeatedly work, power on and off will produce instantaneous reverse high voltage, generating instantaneous surge current. This instantaneous high voltage will have a great impact on the circuit, thus interfering with the normal operation of the circuit.

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