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Selection of Dynamic Pressure Sensors

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Selection of Dynamic Pressure Sensorsdynamic pressure sensors

To select a dynamic force sensor, you need to determine the pressure to be measured. Dynamic force sensors are categorized as measuring mechanical pressure and air pressure.

Regarding mechanical pressure, the first thing to consider is whether you are measuring pressure or tension. If you are only measuring pressure, you can choose a dynamic force sensor. If tension needs to be measured, a dynamic force sensor for tension needs to be selected. If a tool or pressure head needs to be attached, choose the Tension Dynamic Force Sensor for ease of tooling.

The dynamic pressure sensor is first subjected to a force, then the product is subjected to a force. The dynamic pressure sensor and the product are subjected to different forces and the product itself is subjected to less force than the dynamic pressure sensor. After determining the structure, the customer can only add the compensation value in the PLC program. In this case, if a tension compression type sensor is chosen, it can be prevented completely by connecting the sensor to the tool.

In order to select a range, the largest possible range within the permissible accuracy range should be selected in order to prevent damage to the sensor due to overload. If a cylinder or electric cylinder is used for driving, the thrust of the cylinder or electric cylinder should be calculated, including the impact force. The range of mining vibration sensors and vibration temperature sensors also requires attention.

Select the shape and size of the dynamic force sensor. If the installation space is not limited, a larger sensor can be selected. Larger sensors usually have threaded holes at the bottom for easy installation and can be directly screwed in, thus eliminating the need for machining fixtures. In addition, larger sensors are generally relatively accurate.

Ambient temperature has an effect on the operation of dynamic force sensors. Temperature should also be considered when selecting a dynamic force sensor. If the ambient temperature is too high, contact the manufacturer and select a high temperature sensor.

Since the output of the dynamic force sensor is a millivolt signal, the signal is not a standard analog signal. In order to convert the signal to a standard analog signal or a digital signal. If an on-site display is required, a display instrument is required, which is one of the two. Mining vibration sensors and vibration temperature sensors should also be noted.

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