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What Are The Types of Vibration Sensors?

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Vibration sensors can play a large role in the inspection process of engineering automation systems, as well as in the detection of working environments and operating objects, converting monitoring data into mechatronic systems to ensure their accurate and reliable operation.

A vibration sensor is a single free vibration system consisting of a spring, a damper and an inertial mass. The inertia of the mass block is utilized to establish coordinates in inertial space and to measure the vibrational acceleration relative to the earth or inertial space. In a test system, a vibration sensor receives mechanical quantities and converts them into proportional electrical quantities. It is important to note that the vibration sensor first uses the raw mechanical quantity to be measured as an input to the vibration sensor, rather than directly converting the raw mechanical quantity to electrical quantity. After the raw mechanical quantity is used as an input quantity, it is received by the mechanical receiving section to form another mechanical quantity suitable for conversion to an electrical quantity by the electromechanical conversion section. Therefore, the performance of the vibration sensor includes the mechanical receiving part and the electromechanical conversion part, which together determine the working performance of the vibration sensor.

When categorizing vibration sensors, there are only two types based on the mechanical reception principle: relative and inertial. In terms of electromechanical conversion, the output power is different due to different internal electromechanical conversion principles. Some convert changes in mechanical vibration into changes in electrical parameters such as resistance and inductance; some convert changes in mechanical quantities into changes in electric potential and charge. Therefore, there are many kinds of them, including electric type, piezoelectric type, eddy current type, inductance type, capacitance type, resistance type and so on.

1. Functions of Vibration Sensors

Vibration sensors are also known as vibration detectors or vibration meters. Its function is to accurately receive the mechanical vibration quantity (displacement, velocity or acceleration) of the measured object, and convert the mechanical quantity into an electrical signal (current or voltage) output or display. From an energy perspective, the vibration sensor realizes the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy. Essentially, it can be regarded as a sensor.

The importance of the vibration sensor is reflected in the reliability it can achieve in receiving and converting mechanical quantities, which will determine the correctness of the results of subsequent analyses, since the analysis of erroneous signals is practically meaningless and even harmful.

2. Types of Vibration Sensors

There are many types of vibration sensors. There are three main types depending on the form of the parameter being measured:

1) Displacement Sensor

The output power of this sensor is proportional to the vibration displacement. It can be categorized into the following forms:

2) Velocity Sensor

Its output power is proportional to the vibration velocity. It is available in the following forms:

3) Acceleration Sensor

The output power of this sensor is proportional to the input acceleration. There are two types: piezoelectric and strain type.

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