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Xiyuan Electronic Was Awarded Another National Invention Patent

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Xiyuan Electronic was awarded another national invention patent

Warmly congratulate Yangzhou Xiyuan Electronics was awarded a solid connection and good waterproof performance underwater vibration sensor invention patent certificate.


The strength and achievements of our R&D department in technology research and development also show our advantages in market competition. It marks another breakthrough of our company in technological innovation and intellectual property protection. For the company's high-quality development has injected a new atmosphere, we will take this patent as an opportunity to make persistent efforts. We will continue to carry out technological innovation and the promotion and application of patent achievements, and continuously enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises. In the future we will continue to progress to provide better products and services.


An underwater vibration sensor is a specially designed sensor for measuring vibrations of underwater equipment or objects. Below is some relevant information and features:

Working Principle

The working principle of waterproof vibration sensors is based on the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric crystals. In vibration measurements, the number of charges generated is proportional to the magnitude of the acceleration due to the fact that the force on the piezoelectric crystals is the implicated inertial force of the inertial mass, and the changes in these electrical signals are subsequently processed and converted into information about the vibration magnitude, direction, frequency, and so on.

Waterproof design

1. sealing structure: the use of high-quality sealing gaskets, seals, etc., in the sensor shell and the interface and other parts of the formation of a tight seal to prevent the entry of water.

2. potting treatment: the use of special waterproof potting materials to fill the internal space of the sensor to enhance the overall waterproof performance.

3. Protective Coating: Coating the sensor surface with a waterproof coating, such as waterproof paint.

4. waterproof housing: design a strong and well sealed waterproof housing to enclose the sensor body.

5. Interface waterproof design: special waterproof treatment for the cable interface connected to the sensor, such as waterproof plugs, waterproof junction boxes.

6. overall encapsulation process: the use of advanced encapsulation technology to ensure that the sensor in the manufacturing process to form a good waterproof effect characteristics.

Application scenario

Piezoelectric underwater vibration sensors have a wide range of applications, such as:

1. Marine geological exploration: for monitoring the movement of the seabed crust, seismic activity, etc.

2. Underwater structural health monitoring: to detect the vibration of structures such as underwater bridges, wharves, marine platforms, etc., in order to assess their safety and stability.

3. underwater acoustic research: to assist in the study of the propagation and characteristics of underwater sound waves.

4. underwater target detection and localization: detect and locate fish and other targets by sensing the vibration produced by the target.

5. marine resources development: monitoring the operation status of equipment in the underwater exploitation of oil, gas and other resources.

6. marine ecological research: to understand the vibration information generated by marine biological activities.

7. Underwater Robotics: Provide environment sensing information for robots to assist their navigation and operation.

8. marine field: used to monitor the vibration of the ship, to assess the state of the ship and early warning.

Suggestions for selection

When choosing a waterproof vibration sensor, the following factors need to be considered:

Waterproof rating: Define the specific waterproof depth and duration requirements to be achieved to ensure that the sensor can meet the actual application scenario.

Measuring range: Select the appropriate vibration measuring range according to the application scenario.

Frequency Response: Select the frequency response range of the sensor according to the vibration frequency to be detected.

Accuracy: Select the appropriate accuracy according to the measurement requirements.

Stability: Choose a sensor with good stability to ensure stable performance over a long period of time.

Size and installation: to match the installation space and conditions, easy to install and use.

In summary, waterproof vibration sensors have a wide range of applications in a number of fields, and their unique design and characteristics enable them to reliably detect vibrations of objects in wet or liquid environments.

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