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Yangzhou Xiyuan Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

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Yangzhou Xiyuan Electronic Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2015, is a high-tech company specializing in the design, development and production of acceleration/speed/force/pressure/displacement sensors and supporting instruments.  Has the industry experienced technical experts and innovation - designers, in line with "sincerity, innovation as the soul" purpose, to "scientific and technological innovation, vibration perception" as enterprise spirit, efforts to create high technical content, quality is stable for the customer the product, and form a complete set of design, installation, commissioning, maintenance of one-stop service system.
 The sensors produced by the company are mainly used in aerospace/energy/power/steel/civil/petrochemical/machinery manufacturing/scientific research institutes/universities and other fields, vibration/impact/force/pressure/speed/displacement and other mechanical measurement.  With the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, the company is committed to the development of low cost, reliable quality, suitable for vibration monitoring, fault diagnosis and maintenance of industrial vibration sensors.
 The company in line with the three basic principles of customer satisfaction: "product quality satisfaction, advanced technology satisfaction, after-sales service satisfaction", constantly strengthen the internal comprehensive competitiveness of the company, the company is developing, competition in the challenge to seek opportunities, we believe that we will provide you with good quality, advanced technology products.

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