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2023 Henan-Zhengzhou World Sensor Summit

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2023 Henan-Zhengzhou World Sensor Summit


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World Sensor Summit as an important exhibition in the sensor industry, each attracts many people in the industry to visit the exchange of learning, each exhibition Xiyuan Electronics can be here to meet many industry concerns.




The exhibition, Xiyuan Electronics to show the piezoelectric acceleration sensors, piezoelectric vibration velocity sensors, integrated temperature and vibration composite sensors, integrated multi-parameter composite sensors, wireless core, capacitive sensors, non-contact eddy current sensors, dynamic and static force, pressure sensors, signal conditioning and analysis systems, dynamic data acquisition and monitoring systems, vibration, measurement and calibration test systems, and other products, to the exhibitors to participate in the professional technical explanations to show the company's strength and product advantages.



Our star products were displayed on the booth, attracting attendees to come and go, and after a brief introduction, they were all excited to learn more.


2023 Henan Zhengzhou Sensor Conference has come to a successful conclusion, but we have never stopped, not forgetting the beginning, move forward, and look forward to meeting you next time!

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