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Piezoelectric Sensor Manufacturers Explain The Common Sensors

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Piezoelectric sensor manufacturers explain the common sensors

Piezoelectric sensor manufacturers explain common sensors:

The next 5-10 years, the Internet of Things market will have the greatest impact on China's economy and GDP, the most important thing in the Internet of Things is the sensor, resulting in a large number of demand for sensors to reflect more value, the performance of two aspects, one is the accuracy of a single sensor, the other is the ability to carry out the fusion of multiple data, from a number of data to produce a new performance, new data, my company piezoelectric sensor manufacturers to introduce One, the common types of sensors are as follows:

Pressure sensor

1.Temperature Sensors

As the name suggests, the temperature sensor is to feel the temperature, measure the thermal energy of the heat source, and then convert the changes into data sensors, machines used in manufacturing usually require the environment and equipment temperature at a specific level, within agriculture, the soil temperature is an important factor in the growth of crops, is divided into contact and non-contact, contact like thermometers, and common in daily life; non-contact can be used for measurement of Moving objects and objects with fast temperature changes, etc., with the advantage that the upper limit of measurement is not limited by the temperature resistance of the temperature sensing element.

2. Humidity sensors

Humidity sensors are used to measure the amount of water vapor in the air or other gases and are commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in industrial and residential applications, and can be used to report and predict the weather in many other areas, such as hospitals and weather stations.

3. Piezoelectric Sensors

Piezoelectric sensors can sense changes in gases and liquids. Common use cases include leak testing, but this can be the result of attenuation. Piezoelectric sensors are also useful in the manufacture of water systems, where pressure variations and drops can be easily detected.

4. Proximity sensors

Also known as proximity sensors, used for non-contact detection of objects in the vicinity of the sensor, uses include identifying objects, checking distances, size control, rotational speed and speed control, etc. There are several examples of uses in the retail industry, for example, proximity sensors can detect the dynamics between the customer and the product of interest, etc., and the user can be notified of discounts or special offers on products near the sensor, and can also be used in shopping malls and stadiums, airport parking lots to identify the availability of parking lots.

5. Gas sensors

This sensor primarily detects changes in air quality, including the presence of toxic, flammable or hazardous gases, and can be utilized in industries such as mining, oil and gas, chemical research and manufacturing, etc. A common consumer use case is the familiar carbon dioxide detector used in many homes.

6. Optical Sensors

The principle of optical sensors is to convert light into electrical signals, in the automotive industry, it can be used to identify signs, obstacles, things you should pay attention to when you park your car, etc. The development of unmanned cars also needs to play a huge role in optical sensors, commonly used in smartphones, ambient light sensors can prolong the life of the battery, and in medicine it can be used for respiratory analysis and heart rate monitoring.

7. Infrared Sensors

According to the characteristics of infrared light, is used in infrared wet temperature sensor, human infrared detector and other various sensors, TV using infrared sensors to receive signals sent by the remote control, according to the different methods of sending, is divided into active and passive type two kinds of energy conversion method is divided into photonic and thermoelectric type.

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