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Vibration Current Sensor S31D20 in Compressors

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Vibration Current Sensor S31D20 in Compressors

Centrifugal compressor is a kind of vane-type rotating machinery, mainly consists of rotor, stator and related auxiliary equipment and other components, the use of rotor blade and gas interaction, increase the pressure and kinetic energy of the gas, and the use of successive through-flow elements to slow down the gas flow, and the kinetic energy will be converted into pressure increase.


Application scenario - a centrifugal compressor plant

Project requirements: 

Centrifugal compressors are characterized by smooth operation, high efficiency, high flow rate and high speed. It is hoped that the use of early detection of faults to prevent and control possible failures, so as to better solve the phenomenon of poor repair efficiency of centrifugal compressor failures, is the main method used by the enterprise at present.

Aiming at the program: 

vibration faults often occur in operation, can be installed through the installation of vibration speed sensor real-time monitoring of the amplitude value, the measured results of the analysis, judgment, to identify the causes of vibration, effective troubleshooting.


Product Overview:

S3120 integrated speed transmitter is based on the acceleration sensor after specialization and high precision design, internal embedded precision integration circuit. It can be used for measuring the absolute (relative to the free surface) vibration monitoring of bearing box, shell or structure; condition monitoring of fans, wind power, water pumps and other equipments; suitable for various high temperature environments in industrial sites.


1,embedded precision integral circuit, true RMS 4-20mA output

2,Strong anti-interference ability, wide frequency response range, excellent dynamic standby

3,isolated floating, industrial field monitoring, strong anti-interference performance

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