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What Is A Shear Piezoelectric Shock Accelerometer?

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What Is A Shear Piezoelectric Shock Accelerometer?


Piezoelectric vibration sensors acquire vibration signals by means of vibration sensors installed on the surface of power equipment. After extracting the characteristic quantity, combined with data processing and fault diagnosis methods, the operation status can be effectively evaluated. It is widely used in online monitoring or temporary inspection of power equipment.

Piezoelectric vibration sensor is a kind of sensor used for sensing vibration signals. It can be categorized into piezoelectric shock acceleration sensors, piezoelectric force sensors, piezoelectric torque sensors, piezoelectric stress sensors, etc., of which piezoelectric shock acceleration sensors are widely used.

According to the different vibration modes and sensor structures, piezoelectric shock acceleration sensors can be categorized into compression type (d33), shear type (D15), bending type (d31), etc. When the driving force is large and the deformation of the structure is small, the d33 conversion is selected; when the driving force is small and the deformation is large, the d31 conversion is considered.

Shear piezoelectric shock acceleration sensors, which are similar in construction to compression sensors. The piezoelectric sensor is located between the post and the mass block, and a compression ring or bolt is used to provide preload. When external vibrations are received, the shear stress generated by the mass acts directly on the sensitive element.

Since the sensitive elements are separated from the sensor base, the sensitive elements are less affected by temperature. The piezoelectric elements are mounted radially around a fixed strut and the inertial mass block is mounted around these elements. The entire structure is connected by commonly used bonding methods and shear acceleration typically exhibits high base strain sensitivity and temperature transient response sensitivity.

Several research groups and companies have also developed multi-mode hybrid shock accelerometers and triaxial shock accelerometers to meet complex space measurement needs.

Piezoelectric accelerometers have mathematical and physical models similar to piezoresistive and capacitive accelerometers. They measure acceleration indirectly by measuring the displacement of a mass block in a 2nd order system. The difference between the three is the method of measuring the displacement of the mass block.

Piezoelectric accelerometers make use of the piezoelectric effect, the positive piezoelectric effect, which means that when certain dielectrics are deformed in a certain direction by an external force, internal polarization occurs and a positive and negative charge exists on their two opposite surfaces. The deformation can be obtained by measuring the potential difference between two levels of piezoelectric material. The piezoelectric principle is widely used in macroscopic accelerometers. The structure of such accelerometers is mainly a piezoresistive material sandwiched between a base and a mass block.

MEMS piezoelectric accelerometers are similar in construction to piezoresistive microaccelerometers. They are vibration systems with a mass block at the end of a cantilever beam. The difference between them is the material plated on the beam. Of course, piezoelectric accelerometers only need to be plated with piezoelectric material, not piezoresistive material.

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