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Why Is The Universal Accelerometer Interfered With?

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Why is the universal accelerometer interfered with?

When we use general purpose accelerometers, we want accurate measurements, but sometimes general purpose accelerometers are apparently great when they leave the factory, but arrive in the field with problems such as no signal output or garbled signals. If there is no problem with the sensor, it is likely that there is an induced disturbance around us at this time. External induced disturbances that affect sensor output can be categorized into the following types:


Electromagnetic Induction Interference: When mutual inductance exists between two circuits, changes in the current in one circuit will be coupled to the other circuit through a magnetic field. This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction and is often encountered when using general purpose accelerometers.

Electrostatic Induction Interference: Electrostatic induction is attributed to the presence of parasitic capacitance between two branch circuits or components, so that charge on one branch is transferred to the other through parasitic capacitance, which is sometimes called capacitive coupling. Piezoelectric sensors, industrial acceleration sensors should also be careful on this interference.

accelerometer sensor

Interference caused by leakage current: Due to poor insulation of the internal dielectrics or housings of component holders, terminals, printed circuit boards, capacitors, and especially the increase in humidity of the environment in which the general-purpose acceleration sensors are applied, the insulation resistance of the insulators decreases and the leakage current decreases, causing interference. The effect is particularly severe when leakage current flows into the input stage of the measurement circuit.

RF interference: it is mainly the interference generated when large power equipment starts and stops running as well as high harmonic interference.

Other interference: It mainly refers to the harsh working environment of the system, which is also susceptible to mechanical, thermal and chemical interference.

When encountering these interference situations, we should pay attention to them. There are two ways to do this, one is interference caused by circuit inductions and the other is interference introduced by inductions from peripheral devices and communication lines. We need to find out if we want to solve the problem. The source of interference, then check and deal with it, as far away from the source of interference as possible. The same goes for vibration temperature sensors and mining vibration sensors.

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