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Process Selection for Shock Acceleration Sensors

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Process Selection for Shock Acceleration SensorsShock Acceleration Sensors

Impact Acceleration Sensors Capacitive MEMS accelerometers processes generally include: surface processes, bulk silicon processes, Liga processes, and SOI+drie processes. A comparison of these processes is made.

Surface technology is a micro-technology based on the planar technology of integrated circuits, which performs only single-sided lithography. It utilizes sequential deposition and selective etching of different materials on the silicon plane to form various microstructures. It mainly includes sacrificial layer deposition, sacrificial layer etching, structural layer deposition, structural layer etching, and sacrificial layer removal (release of structures). The structural materials are suspended on a substrate to form two- or three-dimensional structures of various shapes.

The impact acceleration sensor body silicon process is the process of etching the silicon substrate along the thickness direction of the silicon substrate, including wet etching and dry etching. It is an important method for realizing three-dimensional structures. In order to form a complete microstructure, bonding or bonding technology is usually used on the basis of processing, combining silicon bonding technology with the body-silicon processing method. Silicon microstructures are formed through multiple masks, one- or two-sided lithography, and anisotropic etching, and then the related parts are precisely aligned and bonded to form a whole. The bulk silicon processing process is more complex, bulky and costly than the silicon surface processing process.

The shock acceleration sensor SO1+drie process is an extension and development of the bulk silicon process. Silicon on insulator (SOI) is a rapidly developing method of preparing three-dimensional microstructures in single crystal silicon in recent years. Almost all of the methods for making microstructures using SOI utilize dine (deep reactive ion etching) to deeply etch single crystal silicon. According to different structural and performance requirements, pre-structure release and post-structure release can be used.

Silicon Oscillating Accelerometer, or SOA for short. when the tension of the string is different, the frequency of the sound is different. The principle of a resonant accelerometer is the same. The vibrating beam is fixed at one end and connected to a mass block at the other end. When there is acceleration in the direction of the axis of the vibrating beam, the beam will be subjected to a force in the direction of the axis, the tension in the beam will change, and its intrinsic frequency will also change. If a certain excitation is applied to the beam and its response is detected, its intrinsic frequency and acceleration can be measured. The application of excitation and the detection of response are usually realized through a comb mechanism.

SOA is characterized by reflecting changes in acceleration by changing the characteristics of the 2nd order system itself, unlike capacitive, piezoelectric and optical waveguide accelerometers.

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