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High Frequency Non-contact Eddy Current Vibration Positioning Displacement Sensors

Usage:current measure
Theory:Eddy current principle
Output:current, voltage
Description:Non-contact eddy current
Standard range:2mm
Standard measuring range:0.5-2.5mm
Standard sensitivity:8mV/um
Resolution:±l um
Diameter of probe protective cover:8.4MM
  • CWY-DO-402

  • Xiyuan


High Frequency Non-contact Eddy Current Vibration Positioning Displacement Sensors

Eddy current sensor is a mechanical displacement or vibration amplitude can be converted into electrical signal output of non-electricity electrical measurement device. 

It consists of a probe (sensor), extension cable and converter, (preamplifier), has a wide frequency response, linear measurement range, small size, strong anti-interference ability, easy to install and use, can be a long-term continuous and stable work and other advantages. 

Especially with the characteristics of non-contact measurement, which will bring convenience to the dynamic measurement of rotating shafts and other rotating bodies, the probe can work in water, oil and other media.





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System acronym φ5 system or 5mm system φ8 system or 8mm system φ11 system or 11mm system φ18 system or 18mm system φ25 system or 25mm system
Model CWY-DO-401 CWY-DO-402 CWY-DO-404 CWY-DO-410-18 CWY-DO-410-25
Measuring principle                                                                      Eddy current principle
Calibration target material                                                                              45# steel
Standard range 1.5mm 2mm 4mm 10mm 10mm
Standard measuring range 0.25-1.75mm 0.5-2.5mm 1-5mm 0.5-10.5mm 1-11mm
Maximum range can be customized 2mm 3mm 6mm 10mm 16mm
Standard sensitivity 8mV/um 8mV/um 4mV/um 0.8mV/um 0.8mV/um
Sensitivity error ≤±2%                               ≤±3%                              ≤±1%
Sensitivity interchangeability error                                           ≤±5%                              ≤±3%
Non-linearity                                           ≤±1%                              ≤±1.5%
Resolution ±1μm ±1μm ±2μm ±10μm ±10μm
Frequency response                                   DC to 10KHz (-3dB) DC to 3KHz (-3dB) DC to 1KHz (-3dB)
Output signal range -2 to-14V -2 to-18v -2 to-18v -2 to-10v -2 to-10v
Maximum output voltage                                                                                -23v
Output resistance                                                                                100Ω
System temperature drift                                                               土3% F.S.(-20℃ to +80℃)
Recommended installation voltage                                              -10v                                 -6v
Preamplifier power supply                                                                          -24VDC±10%
Maximum current consumption                                                                             ≤-20mA
Probe resistance 8.2±0.3Ω 4.9±0.3Ω 6.5±0.3Ω 4.2±0.2Ω 0.9±0.3Ω
Probe and extension cable operating temperature                                                                        -40℃ to +170℃
Preamplifier operating temperature                                                                          -40℃ to +80℃
Probe protection class                                                                                  IP68
Preamplifier protection rating                                                                                  IP40
Electromagnetic compatibility                                                               EN61000-6-2、EN61000-6-4
Probe cover material                                               PPS                             PEEK
Probe shield diameter 5.5mm 8.4mm 11.2mm 16.7mm 27mm
Probe screw material                                                                            Stainless steel
Probe screw thread size/customizable M8 or M10 M10 M14 M20(Customizable M18) M30
Probe cables and extension cables                                                                       Triplex coaxial cable
Cable length                                            Probe cable + extension cable = 5 m or 9 m (customizable)
Cable sheath material FEP
Minimum turning radius 30mm
Preamplifier material ADC12 (Die casting aluminum alloy )
Gross system weight                                    500±3%                        700±3%
Remarks The sensitivity interchangeability error is the comparison of the standard sensitivity with any of the components when they are interchanged.









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